Community midwife

I work as a community midwife, I guide prospective mothers through the period of pregnancy and I will take care of you during the postnatal period.

I use awesome techniques like Rebozo, which I immediately fell in love with during a course run by a fantastic midwife called Anna Kohutová. With the help of the Rebozo scarf, you can do a relaxing massage, wrap your belly to support your weight of the baby and back during pregnancy, reposition the baby in your belly during pregnancy or during labor, during labor it can be also used to find a relieving position, and in the puerperium it is used for back support and or abdominal muscles support or rituals.
My other favorite aid is aromatherapy, which was brought to me by another wise woman Lida Kotalíková ( and because aromatherapy is a great science, she is also my permanent advisor. Aromatherapy can see you through all stages of pregnancy, childbirth and puerperium. I have a slowly expanding supply of essential oils and I can add fragrant oils according to your needs.

I can offer craniosacral biodynamics, which has a relaxing and harmonious effect and can be used at any time without limitation.

I offer classic counseling and care services during pregnancy, individual preparation for delivery and postnatal consultation and lactation counseling.

And in addition I do baby massage classes, which you can read more about on these pages “here

My name is Jana Duřtová
I’m a graduate beautician and midwife. After school, I traveled and experienced a lot, and worked for several years as a midwife at the amazing Kingston Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, where I acquired a lot of skills and knowledge thanks to the amazing people that work there. I still return to London regularly for shift work, and I am grateful that I have the opportunity to do some of the services at the hospital occasionally, which helps me stay on top of my English and obstetrics. But I’m home in Bohemia where I spend most of my time. I work in Prague, the Central Bohemian Region and the Karlovy Vary Region. I’m still learning, attending classes, and I’m now starting to learn Craniosacral Biodynamics.